• Cooper 5


    Presenting the Cooper Bolt Mini, the new efficient, compact and powerful genset from Cooper Corporation.

    The cooper Bolt mini is small in size but high on performance. It is ideal for homes, clinics shops, offices, workshops, construction and more. Taking care of compliance to emissions norms, they are not only good for the enviroment but also for your pocket. Moreover, the low noise levels keep you relaxed during power cuts. These 5 KVA gensets deliver 4000 W of prime power and are one of the most high-efficiency gensets available in the market.

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  • Cooper 15


    The 15 kVA genset is another feather in the series of mini gensets. This diesel powered genset is ideal for use in small offices, shops and homes. It has a power rating of 12 KW. Stay unaffected by power outages.

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  • Cooper 20


    The 20 kVA genset comes with a power rating of 16 KW. The noiseless technology ensures a sublime experience. The 2 cylinders ensures you never have to worry about power cuts.

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  • Cooper 30

    With a power rating of 24 KW this 3 cylinder diesel genset comes with high capacity to handle harsh weathers from -25 to 50+ Celsius. With liquid cooling and a fuel-efficient engine these DG are the best option out there.

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  • Cooper 62.5

    With a 12 V electrical starting system the 62.5 kVA gensets diesel engines ensure no hiccups during powering on. With a power rating of 50 KW this DG has power to light up restaurants, bungalows and offices etc.

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  • Cooper 82.5


    The Cooper Bolt 82.5 kVA genset performs at the optimum capacity whilst emitting the lowest noise possible. With CPCB 2 Compliant the genset comes with a guarantee of performance.

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  • Cooper 100

    This 4-cylinder genset has all the power needed to light up offices, restaurants, buildings etc. The 100kVA diesel genset is rugged, fuel efficient and has a high block load capability.

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  • Cooper 125

    The 125 kVA genset is a beast when it comes to high performance. Applications of the genset include hotels, restaurants, office spaces etc. this low noise and compact engine has a high demand across the nation and abroad.

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  • Cooper 200


    The penultimate genset in our range, this machine enables zero loss of production time for industries and also for other civil work like construction of highways, railways, metros etc. The liquid cooling ensures it withstands the harsh summers and winters.

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  • Cooper 250

    Rugged, fuel efficient the Cooper 250 kVA is the most powerful diesel genset there is. Able to power large office spaces, malls, theaters and industrial sectors it doesn’t getting bigger than this. With liquid cooling and minimal noise this genset is the one to make a difference.

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